Terms and Conditions

Each Handbook is provided as a Portable Document Format (PDF) file compatible with Adobe Reader Version 9 or later.

Every Handbook may contain spelling errors, omissions and amendments and is provided 'as-is'.  Many handbooks were produced in wartime and reflect the urgency of the times.  AFV Handbooks makes no representation or warranty that the Handbook will be error-free or suitable for any particular purpose.

Each Handbook will be sent by a link in an email to the Customer's email address.  The email will be sent after the completion of payment as confirmed by PayPal or Stripe.  The email will contain a hyperlink to a secure location from where the Handbook file(s) can be downloaded.

The download link will be available for 3 days.  Please make sure that [email protected] is set as a 'safe sender' and check any junk or spam folders/directories. 

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